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The Enculturated White Man Exhibit


This piece is second in the series titled THE ENCULTURATED WHITE MAN: If Early America Had Embraced the Nobel Savage Instead of Trying to Destroy Them. The entire series can be viewed in the show You Are on Indian Land, at the Museum of Northern Arizona beginning November 21.

Museum of Northern Arizona

3101 N. Fort Valley Road

Flagstaff, AZ 86001

The entire series can be viewed on my website THE ENCULTURATED WHITE MAN.

The photo, the focal point of all the pieces in this series, is a found garage sale photograph of an unknown couple seemingly taken early 20th Century. I altered the photo with color pencil by giving this older caucasian couple American Indian attire; as if they had embraced the Native American culture especially for what appears to be a special occasion, perhaps a wedding anniversary. The gentleman is making an effort but the headdress has slipped behind his ears contrary to proper placement — over the ears.

The weasel tails are from my own experience trapping ground squirrels (for food and parka construction) in with my Aunt Maggie in Alaska back in the late 70’s. Weasels were raiding the moose meat in the shed so I trapped and skinned them.


The Enculturated White Man

EWM_02 Weasel Tails
There is quite a lot of embroidery in all the matted photographs in this series. Much of it is single thread silk or cotton embroidery like the Indians on horseback above the photograph seen here.

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